A New Type Of Culture in The Classroom

A New Type Of Culture in The Classroom

        Temple Kol Ami’s early childhood teachers know all too well the importance of showing their kiddos that they care about them. The staff participated in an in-service training last week before their little ones started pre-school.

During the workshop, the teachers learned how to take teachable moments and develop a child’s:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Problem solving skills

They had the opportunity to brainstorm various scenarios and problem solve several ways to deal with those situations, assisting our kids in learning healthy habits and valuable life skills. With hands-on activities, the focus was on creating caring kids so they can successfully grow up, develop strong self-esteem, and learn in a peaceful environment.

        By the end of the training, the teachers were equipped with some tools and strategies to apply in the classroom and on the playground. From the ice breaker activity of the yarn toss (pictured) to the special mystery box activity, this incredibly dedicated staff shared creative ideas they use and have found helpful to build a caring community.

        I was honored to facilitate this staff development training on August 19th for such an unbelievable group of teachers. I’m looking forward to participating in some of the hands-on activities throughout the school year in the early childhood program!

        If you or your administration are interested in staff development trainings such as this one, contact me at drsandy@customizedinterventions.com and we can customize a workshop specific to your school’s needs.


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