David Loewenstein PhD, Author of For the Love of Rachel: A Father’s Story

My wife Susan and I have always believed that early intervention is important in working with children who have special needs. Our daughter Rachel born 4 months early at 18 ounces and had significant visual, auditory, motor and other challenges that interfered with her learning in elementary school.  Fortunately, she was able to work with Sandy Rizzo PhD on an individualized basis which helped to enhance her cognitive abilities while engaging her in enjoying the learning process. Dr. Rizzo’s skill, knowledge and compassion as an advocate was very appreciated by our entire family. We highly recommend Dr. Rizzo Wiener to all families who have concerns with learning and educational issues.


Alvy Marmol

You are truly gifted in your ability to work with children of all levels at their own level. You made an incredible difference at in David’s elementary experience, a difference that will continue to impact his life as he strives to become all that he can be.



Kim Hammock (mom)

“My son Johnathan has struggled with reading since kindergarten. Even though his public school told me there was nothing wrong, he was held back because he did not meet criteria for 1 st grade. Private testing showed he had auditory processing problems, dyslexia, and ADHD along with his reading problems. I was getting no where with the school on my own and knew I had to have someone help me advocate for my son who knew the school system. We were recommended to Dr. Sandy Rizzo and I set up an appointment to meet with her and see what she could do for Johnathan. The 1 st time I met her, I knew she was the one to help my son! She was upbeat and confident she’d get him on the right tract. I felt so comfortable!

We set up an IEP meeting at Johnathan’s school and Sandy sat right by me in the meeting. I always bring her to the IEP meetings now and they always go smoothly. Dr. Sandy Rizzo also set up the Fast ForWord reading program for my son in my home. He blew through the first one in 5 weeks! His reading improved a lot. Wow! I was impressed by how the program worked! Johnathan is currently on the 2 nd grade Fast ForWord program and he’s almost finished with it. Dr. Rizzo keeps track of his program for us. I have noticed a big jump in my son’s reading level. My son, family, and I know that Sandy is our angel on our shoulder. She’s there at every meeting in school, and she is currently working with him each week. She is always there to help!”


Alvy Marmol

Dear Dr. Rizzo,

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that we write to you regarding our son David. A year ago, David struggled to get his assignments completed in a timely fashion, to work independently on his homework and to feel any level of confidence in the classroom environment. In short David was sinking into despair both academically and emotionally.

After just a few sessions with you so much of that began to turn around. David instantly connected with you and was at ease with your direction. I’m amazed at how quickly you were able to win him over and pin point the areas in which he really needed help. You are truly gifted in your ability to work with children of all levels at their own level.

You made an incredible difference in David’s elementary experience, a difference that will continue to impact his life as he strives to become all that he can be.

Today I am proud to say that David’s teachers are thrilled with his progress, he is doing homework on his own and on time. Most of all, as a mom, I am so very grateful to see my son smiling again and happy again.

Thank you!


Ed & Eri Sanchez

Dr. Sandy has greatly improved our daughter’s academic experience, and she now understands that when she puts in the effort and it is channeled correct, she can success at things that previously seemed impossible – a lesson that she can carry throughout her life.


Kelly Erbs

At the very first appointment, I finally felt that someone understood my child. After a short two years, Michael is now in the 5th grade and he is on grade level! We were so impress with Sandy’s techniques, she is now working with my middle school son Mitchell, keeping him on task in the 3rd grade and preparing him for the FCAT. Sandy is a testament to a true educator.



Melanie J. Levine

My son Brandon was stressed out and struggling in math. We sent him to Sylvan thinking that would help. After spending thousands of dollars, we realized we weren’t getting anywhere. We then had Brandon tested with a highly recommended child psychologist who came to the conclusion Brandon had a nonverbal learning disorder. My husband Alex and I did a lot of research on NVLD and found that Brandon responded to Dr. Sandy Rizzo amazingly! We are so grateful how Brandon has progressed this last year. He is right on grade level with math, if not better than grade level. His confidence has increased which decreased his anxiety.

If it wasn’t for Dr. Rizzo, I don’t know where we would be today!!! She has amazing patience and enthusiasm when working with the kids. They get excited to learn with her and she makes learning fun!


Maggie Salazar, motherSRW-Web-straighta

You are such a big part of why and how Michael has done so good this quarter words can not express my thanks for everything you do for Michael  he has never had all A’s before.





Natalie Marquez, mother

Hi Dr. Sandy,

I just wanted to show you what a difference you have made for Jake. First quarter Reading grade was 89.1%, a really high B, this quarter see below:


A 92.8%, isn’t that amazing??? Last year, first interim he had an F and first quarter report card grade was a very low C. Just in that first quarter you made a big difference!! I don’t want to undervalue his effort because he is working really hard but at the same time I wanted to THANK YOU!!! Talk to you soon. Best. Natalie