Education Advocacy


It can be hard to navigate the education system. When you are trying to learn the Education system, it’s hard to be confident that you have advocated to get everything your child needs and is available. This can be an emotional time. An experienced third-party can make the difference.


Consultations and Educational Advocacy

When a child struggles with learning, it can be very overwhelming and exhausting for the parents. Dr. Sandy Rizzo can help by guiding families with an educational or rehabilitative plan. If evaluations have been conducted, all the reports and any other pertinent documents will be reviewed to determine the best and most appropriate plan of care for the child. During the consultation, Dr. Rizzo can also help translate and clarify the evaluation report, often a difficult document to decipher.

When parents feel frustrated and do not believe their child’s rights to a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) have been met, Dr. Rizzo is available to intercede directly with the child’s school as an educational advocate.



Individualized Educational Planning and Curriculum Writing

The process of writing an accurate IEP can be a scary proposition. Dr.┬áSandy Rizzo assists families and schools in creating the most up-to-date picture of the child in order to determine the child’s priority needs. Appropriate goals are then created, as well as determining what, if any, accommodations or modifications are necessary to reach the desired, measurable outcomes.