Expert Testimony

Whether parents who are in the process of divorcing do so in a traditional court or through collaborative mediation, there are issues surrounding the children and their academic needs, especially if there are children with special needs involved. As a Ph.D. level Educational Consultant, Dr. Sandy Rizzo can be a neutral expert to facilitate what is in the best interest of each child’s individual needs. It is not uncommon for the parents to be at odds over which school the child should attend, or which therapies the child should receive, for example. A professional with experience as an expert in these types of cases can step in when these issues related to academics, therapies, school placement, IEPs, etc. need to be resolved, and parents need guidance and direction. Dr. Rizzo has specialized expertise in this area which can facilitate resolving these issues quickly and objectively.

Dr. Rizzo can be hired by either parent or the mediator, too. Typically, she is engaged with specific questions or issues to address related to the child’s academic needs. Dr. Rizzo then reviews all pertinent information, meets with the child or observes the child if necessary, and gathers information to present her professional expert opinion specifically on the question or issue addressed at the time she was contracted to work on the case.