Academic Interventions


Every person learns differently. Customized Interventions offers support for children that need additional support for learning. Every education plan is individualized to meet your child’s needs and build confidence for a healthy self-esteem.


Organizational and Study Skills

Educational intervention sessions can be beneficial for the child who is not working up to his or her potential because of either a lack of motivation, weak attentional vigilance or poor work habits. Some children are disorganized and are unable or unwilling to complete work on time. These children can be taught how to become better organized and develop effective study skills to improve classroom performance.


Academic Therapy

Academic, or Educational Therapy is a structured, sequential remedial approach which is sometimes required when a child has difficulty processing information specific to reading, writing, spelling, and/or mathematics. Curriculum and materials are customized based on the child’s individualized, specific needs. Dr. Rizzo breaks down the learning process into organized steps through explicit instruction.


Educational Coaching and Interventions

Often, a child is having difficulty in a specific subject or curriculum area. Through a trained professional, the child is given support in the content areas necessary, including basic study skills if required.

Interventions are incorporated into each child’s session depending on his or her specific needs. Improving memory, attention and focus, as well as visual and/or auditory processing skills are often times the focus of the sessions, as are improving executive functioning, problem solving skills, and filling in cognitive skills gaps.


Academic Evaluations

Academic evaluations generally consist of tests that measure achievement in reading, writing and arithmetic. Testing a child assists in defining a child’s needs based on his or her particular strengths and weaknesses.

Not only do the academic tests assess what a child has actually learned, or achieved academically, but it also defines a baseline and gives important information when developing a treatment plan. Although not required prior to initiating an educational plan, it is often recommended.


Home Schooling Support

Home Schooling is increasingly used by families when circumstances interfere with the child’s attending school on a full-time basis. Usually parents complete most of the child’s education at home. With the growing trend of home schooling, families often require Dr. Rizzo to develop a plan, facilitate the learning process, teach a portion of the home schooling curriculum and incorporate customized interventions to meet the child’s specific needs.